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Naked Studs is a website that’s all about what I myself get off on most: muscular, masculine, straight He-men of all ages. On here, you’ll find Muscle-Gods, rough trade and straight bait. Naked Studs was launched in July 2011 and has been updated daily ever since. It is a work in progress, meant to continuously grow and be improved upon. Naked Studs offers loads of content, including videos and picture-sets, both solo and hardcore. Take your time to browse around the site and be sure to check out all the tabs, sidebars and the Menu Bar. No worries – Naked Studs is a safe site, free from hackers and viruses! Twink-lovers beware, though: Naked Studs is an entirely twink-free territory for awaiting you inside is an ever growing number of hot alphamales – naked! – mostly in their prime, often muscled, sometimes hairy, but always horny!


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The hottest man this month cumz from THE CASTING ROOM, is called Andrew, and hails from Australia. Having worked as a stripper to satisfy his exhibitionist streak, Andrew now wants to break into porn, and one look at him and you’ll agree: He’s just what the (straight!) porn industry has been waiting for!!!


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Andrew’s sizzling hot solo is now live on the website of THE CASTING ROOM.

 … and if it is indeed muscle-worship that rocks your boat, then this one’s worth giving a try, too:

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Also featuring this month:

The manly men of MEN OVER 30!

… such as, for instance, Vic Rocco, who’s getting fucked by his buddy, Jon Galt:

… or who’s seen here, having a wank in the same locker-room he previously got pounded by his friend:

… or the insatiable Landon Conrad, who’s fucked everybody with a hole, this time it’s Rikk York:

… and here, hunky Christopher Daniels unloads a load for us:

… as does the insanely hot Israeli ex-soldier, Eyal:

… so, if you think MEN OVER 30 are the men for you, you can click HERE to enter their den!

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