Wrestling Hunks

… wanna know what happens when three hot and horny muscle-hunks get together for a wrestling match … ? This is what happens: To watch the complete, 31 minutes long, episode of Wrestling-Hunks, please click HERE!

Joe Barkley

Joe Barkley is a man so hot, so sexy, so beautiful, I’m completely lost for words to describe him … he makes my fantasy run riot! If he were a slab of meat (which he somehow reminds me of …), he’d be a slab of the very best, prime, well-hung, well matured, Argentinian beef, the [...]

Mario Romo At The Gym, Working Out His Biggest Muscle

Mario Romo spends time at the gym, gets horny, and yanks out a cock which you have to see to believe and starts stroking: Click HERE to watch the rest!

Paul Wagner Riding the Lawnmower

Hunky gardener-to-the-stars, Paul Wagner, is mowing the lawn … hot as it is under the California sun, he gets all horned up from the constant vibrating by the lawnmower … next thing you know – Paul‘s got the biggest boner ever in his trousers. Well, it’s obvious that his cock wants out and so, out [...]

Sam’s Audition

Sam … a hot straight cage fighter if there was one who wants to strike it big in porn. And I don’t blame him! With a body, face, and attitude like his he should have gone into porn a long time ago!!! I for one would watch any porn film with him in it, especially [...]

Lee Andrews – A Slice of Fat, Uncut, Irish, Meat

Irish Lee Andrews is one HUGE lad, a cage fighter, 6′ 2 and beefy, huge rugby legs and an extra thick big dick too! You can tell that Lee’s one of those who get off on his own body, for he gets hard in no time, simply by looking at himself, touching himself, and running [...]

Gianluigi Volti

Gianluigi Volti has at least three uniquely outstanding features: 1. His huge body 2. His incredibly gorgeous face 3. His equally incredibly gorgeous – and huge, and long – dick! That’s reason enough to worship this man and kneel before him in admiration and adulation (… while sucking his dick … or imagining to …): [...]

Casey Williams in Bondage

Uber-honcho Casey Williams finds himself captured, tied up and gagged … struggling to break free, he’s so horned up by his recent bondage experience that he urgently needs to bust a nut: … watch Casey cum on BOUND-JOCKS!

Steve’s Audition

Steve is a big tattooed masculine guy who watches at a lot of porn and even has sex in front of friends at parties. Now he wants to take it a step further by starring in porn himself. Being a boxer and weightlifter, he has a very muscular body and toned stomach without an ounce [...]

Josh West, Tied Up And Forced Into Submission By Samuel Colt

Today, you’re in for a rare treat! BOUND-JOCKS brought together two of the biggest names in gay porn. Big in every possible way, mind you! But not only are they big, I suppose most people would agree that they’re also incredibly hot: Samuel Colt and Josh West! Watch, how Sam‘s forcing masculine Josh West into [...]

Gambino Flexes, Poses, Strokes, And Shows Us His Cunt

Click HERE to see Gambino emptying his bursting nuts on Man-Avenue!

The Sensational Jimmy Clay Fingering His Hole While Stroking

Don’t miss out on this one, guys! The sensationally hot Jimmy Clay is being filmed jerking off while deep-fingering his equally sensational, furry, manhole in a bathroom stall: Watch the full video HERE!

James Huntsman Shoots A Load For His Bird

Hot, handsome, hard-on giving James Huntsman lies down on his bed and starts stroking his fat manmeat … he then turns around and grants generous views of his deliciously meaty butt, including close-ups of his hot hole … and all not for our viewing pleasure but for that of his far-away girlfriend … Watch James [...]

Jack Dragon Cleans Guiseppe’s Hole, Then He Pounds Him

First, Guiseppe gets his hole properly cleaned, widened and prepared by the insatiable Jack Dragon … next, Jack Dragon pounds him good and rough until he shoots his load all over Guiseppe’s chest and tummy: Click HERE for access to Visconti-Triplets to see the full movie!


Check out insanely sexy and seductive Jed: Watch Jed strip and stroke his beautiful cock on HERE!

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