Mature, trashy, str8 stud fucks twink who fingers a chick!

… don’t ask me why – but I’m finding this video extremely hot!!! … I suppose the trashy, shameless, mature stud – who looks like he’s fucked (and has been fucked) everything that moves – must have something to do with it …  … This not to be missed blend of hotness and trash is […]


Officer Hugh Jazz arrests street-walker Heather Vahn

Officer HUGH JAZZ is on patrol, and what does he see? Street-walker Heather Vahn, prowling the streets! Arresting her for speeding as well as lewd conduct, Officer Jazz decides that he’s got enough on her to make the most of the fact that she’s a double-offender who doesn’t wanna go to jail and that he’s […]

Teacher Renato Bellagio gets taught a lesson …

… by getting raw-fucked by his most ardent pupil while he, Renato, has to slobber fishy female kunt, which he obviously seems to like … well, he isn’t an award-winning biology teacher for nothing! To watch this bi-cream-pie adventure in full, please click HERE to enter Male-Digital.

Devilish Desire fucks Slate Steele with a phat strap-on …

Resident slut Devilish Desire abuses her power as a prison warden and takes advantage of Slate Steele’s willing mancunt: For the full video, to watch it in its original ratio, simply click here.

The Bi-Cream-Pie Adventure, starring Rod Stevens

The latest Bi-Cream-Pie Adventure stars the eternally slutty Rod Stevens, who truly lives up to his role as one of the world’s top-notch pornstars, pounding and fucking just about anything that moves, including slutty female pussy (… just as long as there’s a hunk pounding HIM from behind!!!). … watch the full, undistorted version of […]

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