Adam & Riley on a blind date

Adam waits patiently at the restaurant he’s chosen until Riley arrives. There’s some initial first date nerves and awkwardness but as the wine flows so does the conversation and over-the-table flirting. These guys are clearly into each other so after dinner they go back to Adams for “coffee” … but as you can guess – […]


Adam Ramzi, Landon Conrad & Shawn Wolfe

In the latest episode from COCK-FIGHT!, 3 super-hot porn- studs put it all on the line to become the sex champion! But who takes home the trophy? Find out! Just log on to RAGING-STALLION to watch COCK-FIGHT! in full-length including all episodes!

Drew Sebastian, Joel Banks, a gaping wide mancunt, & a baseball bat …

Sleazy Drew fucks the worn out mancunt of ass-slut Joel Banks using a baseball bat, and then, when Joel‘s mancunt is nothing but a gaping wide cavity, Drew slides in his fists, until a perfect rosebud emerges … The latest episode of BUTT-STUFFERS is worth being watched in full! To do just that, please click […]

Man of the Year: ADAM RAMZI!

To be sure, that’s my own personal choice as to me, Adam Ramzi is the hottest new discovery in porn and thus holder of the Man of the Year title in my book! Like a raging stallion does he go at it in Cock-Fight, Match 2, where he shows that he’s more than up to […]

Junior & Reese

Str8-Fraternity alumni Junior and newcummer Reese are both young dads, and both need to make some extra money! …  they get their payday by sucking each other’s big straight dicks and by shooting their sticky loads on camera: This video is available in full and in its original ratio by logging on to Str8-Fraternity!

Landon Conrad & Shawn Wolfe in: COCK-FIGHT!

Landon Conrad and Shawn Wolfe square off to see who’s the better fucker: I’m cheering for Team Landon Conrad! …  … and you? Watch all of COCK-FIGHT! by logging on to Raging-Stallion.

Anthony Russo

Bentley Race has a knack for discovering the hottest guys, guys who haven’t yet done the whole porn circuit, and being an avid traveler, Bentley found furry Anthony during his recent trip to Berlin, where he photographed him in his hotel room: For Anthony’s solo video, please go to Bentley Race.

Jon Galt & Vic Rocco

It’s the cum-back of nothing less than two porn legends: Jon Galt and his real-life partner, Vic Rocco: Watch the full movie on HIGH-PERFORMANCE-MEN by taking advantage of a unique 33% discount. Simply use the following promo-code on the HIGH-PERFORMANCE-MEN sign-up page: realmen. To visit, click HERE.

Bruno Miles

Bruno is one of the men of Montreal … if you sign up with The-Men-of-Montreal through May via this site, you’ll get a 33% discount on your membership! Just use the following promo-code on the Men-of-Montreal sign-up page: realmen. Trust me, it’s worth it! Visit The-Men-of-Montreal by clicking HERE.

Fabio Stallone pounds Tony Orion!

Hairy on hairy, butch on butch, muscle on muscle – that’s my fave kind o’ porn!!! MEN fucking MEN! One raging stallion pounding another! That’s what it’s all about! …  … and here’s your new vid of the day: The latest episode of San-Francisco Meat Packers is available now by going to Raging-Stallion!

From the COLT VAULT: Long John and Mark Rutter in Handspray & Sweat-Hogs

Just dug up from the COLT vault is this scorching-hot scene that can teach us all a thing or two about ass-eating!!! Anyone into rimming watch out – here cumz the father of all rimming scenes! No kidding! Called Handspray & Sweat-Hogs, this scene is available in its full-length on the COLT website. Otherwise, simply […]

Bound Jock Shots!

This is a compilation of bound jocks cumming and dumping their sticky loads everywhere! Cum-shooters include Bob Hager, Spencer Reed, and the amazing Nate Karlton, plus many others: For the full, sticky load, just visit Bound Jocks.

Re-release of Aaron’s super-hot BOUND-JOCKS solo-session!

Bound, hairy and muscled jock Aaron Cage is tied in a hog-tie on the floor in his cut offs and COLT Tank. His meaty uncut cock flops out of his short shorts as he rolls around on our studio floor. His tank top gets ripped open, revealing his massive hairy chest. Next, he’s suspended from […]

Ray Han, hole-drilled by Tommy Defendi

Tommy works his cock at the speed of a drill on Ray’s hungry hole: This member-bonus is available in full-length and in its initial ratio by going to FALCON-STUDIOS!

Titan of Porn: Alex Marte

One of the undeniable Titans of Porn of our time: Alex Marte, seen here in a sizzling hot jerk-off solo for BUTCH-DIXON: For the full version of Alex’ solo, please go to BUTCH-DIXON!

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