Two young cops & Johnny Diesel

These two young cops can’t believe their luck when they get the chance to arrest notorious bad-boy Johnny Diesel! To punish the insolent lad once and for all, they take turns fucking the shit out of him – bareback! – passing him round like their new sex-toy: Click HERE for the full version of this [...]

Johhny Diesel recycling his beer bottle …

… dunno if it’s coz’ porn-slut and hole-whore Johnny Diesel has had one beer too many or if it’s the fact that he’s quite a simply a jaded, depraved, and absolutely filthy no-holds-barred sex-maniac – anyhow, the beer bottle from which he’s been drinking ends up where it shouldn’t, but where in Johnny‘s book, it [...]

Boomer Banks & Trelino

Besides his hot, rugged, face and his trademark tattoos, gay porn legend Boomer Banks has a notoriously big tool, and even though it’s as big as his own wrist, power-bottom Trelino takes it all, reveling and relishing in every thrust of his fucker’s powerful mantool! Yes, SIZE DOES MATTER! The latest episode of SIZE MATTERS [...]

Re-release of Aaron’s super-hot BOUND-JOCKS solo-session!

Bound, hairy and muscled jock Aaron Cage is tied in a hog-tie on the floor in his cut offs and COLT Tank. His meaty uncut cock flops out of his short shorts as he rolls around on our studio floor. His tank top gets ripped open, revealing his massive hairy chest. Next, he’s suspended from [...]

Ray Han, hole-drilled by Tommy Defendi

Tommy works his cock at the speed of a drill on Ray’s hungry hole: This member-bonus is available in full-length and in its initial ratio by going to FALCON-STUDIOS!

Titan of Porn: Alex Marte

One of the undeniable Titans of Porn of our time: Alex Marte, seen here in a sizzling hot jerk-off solo for BUTCH-DIXON: For the full version of Alex’ solo, please go to BUTCH-DIXON!

Seven Dixon, hammered by muscle-packed sex-god Jimmy Durano!

Seven Dixon, a muscle-god himself, gets power-pounded by Jimmy Durano whose gradual transformation from next-door-jock to big, buff, masculine, muscled porn-sensation I watched and witnessed with increasing amazement (and an ever stiffer cock!!!!): This clip, aptly titled MAN-POWER, can be watched in full and in its original ratio by clicking HERE.

Banjamin & Mickelo

When Benjamin barges in on Mickeolo and realises he’s watching one of his porn-flicks, he opens up his charitable heart and offers his services LIVE … For the full video, please go to Men-of-Montreal.

Alessio Romero, Brandon Moore & ONE MASSIVE DILDO!!!

Latin daddy Alessio works an enormous rubber dildo up Brandon’s well-trained and well-lubed up┬ámanhole, which is about to be busted: The full-length version of Hole-Busters 10, Scene 4 is available on Club-Inferno-Dungeon. To visit, please click HERE.

Liam Magnusson rides Ray Han’s smooth muscle-butt!

Ray Han bucks, moans, and writhes in a mix of agony and ecstasy as Liam Magnusson rides him like a pony! Called California Dreamin’, Vol. 2, Scene 5, the full version of this clip is available here!

Steven Ponce, pummels his hole …

Desperately horny, but unfortunately tied up and bound, Steven Ponce reaches for his dildo and makes passionate love to it to get off. And he does! Watch the full video of Steven‘s dildo-show by clicking HERE.

2 muscled boxers working off steam …

Days before an important fight, boxers aren’t meant to have any sexual encounter but rather save up on their testosterone for their fight … … however, once the fight is over – they have all that excess testosterone to get rid of, and what better way to use it than – on each other …? [...]

Mike Dozer & Trenton Ducati go at like raging animals …

Furry Mike growls like an animal as his hole is worked over by Trenton: Click here for the full version of this clip.

Seth Fisher & Tommy Defendi in: TIGHT

First impaling Seth Fisher, then fucking his furry cunt doggy style, Tommy Defendi slams his dick in like the insatiable sex-slut he is: To watch TIGHT in full and in its original ratio, just click HERE.

David Stone’s hot solo

Hot jock David Stone is a pro when it cumz to stroking and cumming in public! A natural born exhibitionist, he gets harder with every minute the camera-man has his lens on him … you can just imagine the camera-man being just as hard and horny as the object of his desire: David Stone‘s full [...]

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