Skin-head-muscle barebacks Euro-jock: Michael Troy and Peter Shadow at SCARY-FUCKERS!

Hot -hotter – Scary-Fuckers! Watch a sexy muscle-skin barebacking his prey in a deserted cave: … and for the full movie, just go to Scary-Fuckers, please!

Alfredo Castaldo in SKINHEAD-FUCKDOWN

The main reason why I’m posting this one is because of skinhead-cum-bodybuilder Alfredo Castaldo who’s so hot my cock’s on fire ( … from all that stroking!!!) … … seriously, this guy is awesome: The full version of SKINHEAD-FUCKDOWN is available in full-length and in its original ratio by going to MALE-DIGITAL or by clicking [...]

Dr. Asshole Prescribes …

… a dose of good old raw-pounding for patient Zozy, which hopefully will cure his back-pipe problems once and for all … To see this latest episode of DR.ASSHOLE in full, please click HERE!

Brad Russel, Rick Hummer In: Serial 3

Brad Russel and Rick Hummer are two bad boys, sharing smokes, kisses and … lots of dick and butt hole! Watch the complete movie HERE!

Patrick O’ Connor

… nine pics are what I have of this sexy mother-fucker … but really, just those TWO pics in which he proudly displays his butthole are enough to make me cum … can it get any hotter …? … it can! Just wait until you see him in action on film! For more on Patrick, [...]

Brec Boyd

Brec Boyd – he’s my latest obsession. What a sexy hunk, in a weird sort of way … anyhow, I think he’s fuckin’ goddam – hot, face – cock – smile – tattoos – the whole package … … see Brec bust a nut on NEXT-DOOR-MALE! To go there, click HERE!

Edward Fox

Check out this odd, yet super-hot looking, stud from Berlin: Watch sexy Ed’s hardcore videos on CAZZO-CLUB! For access, please click HERE!

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