Jordan Roberts

This is an unusually hot as well as super-professional video, even by NEXT-DOOR standards (which, really, couldn’t be higher!).  … so kick back, watch, and yank out your dick: Watch a free trailer of Jordan‘s full solo by clicking HERE.


Boxer Amir Khan, naked!

Rugger-Bugger has amazing photos revealing British boxer Amir Khan’s self-shot hard cock pictures: To watch more naked athletes, please click HERE.

Team-Captain Luke Marcum Takes On Jayden Ellis

As the captain of the Dream-Team, be-socked Luke Marcum regards his players as his own private property, doing with them whatever he wants … what he wants to do is fuck them, and so he turns his prey, be-socked Jayden Ellis on his belly, cleans out his brownish twink-kunt with his expert tongue, and once […]

Hayden Richards and Jed Athens

In GOOD-SPORTS,scene one, Hayden and Jed start off by spitting at each other. Worshipping each other’s cocks through their sports gear, they grow massive bulges. However, soon the gear cumz off and what remains are two sexy, smooth, be-jockstrapped athletes – extremely cock-greedy – eager to fuck each other’s burning assholes! Watch all of GOOD-SPORTS […]

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