Boxer Amir Khan, naked!

Rugger-Bugger has amazing photos revealing British boxer Amir Khan’s self-shot hard cock pictures: To watch more naked athletes, please click HERE.

Team-Captain Luke Marcum Takes On Jayden Ellis

As the captain of the Dream-Team, be-socked Luke Marcum regards his players as his own private property, doing with them whatever he wants … what he wants to do is fuck them, and so he turns his prey, be-socked Jayden Ellis on his belly, cleans out his brownish twink-kunt with his expert tongue, and once [...]

Hayden Richards and Jed Athens

In GOOD-SPORTS,scene one, Hayden and Jed start off by spitting at each other. Worshipping each other’s cocks through their sports gear, they grow massive bulges. However, soon the gear cumz off and what remains are two sexy, smooth, be-jockstrapped athletes – extremely cock-greedy – eager to fuck each other’s burning assholes! Watch all of GOOD-SPORTS [...]

Troy Daniels Gets His Hole Stuffed …

… using Lucas Knight’s extensive dildo and butt-plug collection … … and once that doesn’t do the job anymore – Lucas just yanks out his dick, and fiercely inserts it into Troy’s greedy hole … …and for more on this clip, click HERE! Tip: the above clip is best viewed full-screen! Just click the Enlarge [...]

Hager Tops Wolf

>>> First of all, before watching this clip, click the ENLARGE button to watch it full-screen. The ratio will then also be automatically adjusted! Trust me, you will wanna watch this one full-screen, as it contains excellent close-ups of Dolan‘s meaty, furry, muscled, butt, which gets expertly power-pounded by the sensational Bob Hager who, having [...]

Johnny Lawless – Viciously Abused By AJ Irons

Wearing his socks and trainers, bound and gagged Johnny Lawless gets taught what it means to totally be at the mercy of his tormentor: The full version of this movie is available HERE!   To watch this clip full-screen and in its original format, please click on the ‘enlarge’ icon! 

Fernando Lizalde, Janos Volt

During the Olympics, a scandal hit the press which was only just about prevented by the managers and coaches of Fernando Lizalde and Janos Volt to make the headlines! Well, what happened was this: during a training session by their team, both Fernando and Janos decided to sneak off to … and here it cumz: [...]

Leo Forte and Tristan Phoenix

In the latest BOUND-JOCKS update, a vicious, mean, and sadistic Leo Forte ties up Tristan Phoenix and edges him til he explodes … literally … To watch the full episode, please click HERE!


For anyone who’s into masculine, slightly hairy, gorgeous, straight men – no need to look any further! Here’s your man, and men don’t cum any hotter than this! Daniel truly is as hot as they cum – emphasis on cum – for I’m sure you’ll agree that he does indeed tick all the boxes! See [...]

… more on Brian Davilla and Shay Michaels!

After we’ve seen hairy muscle-daddy Brian Davilla topping his partner, buff Shay Michaels in last week’s BOUND-JOCKS update (… for those of you who’s ve missed it, here it is again … ) … : … this week, the table’s turned, and it’s Shay who’s dominating Brian Davilla: … now, which one’s hotter … ??? [...]

Christian Bishop

… dunno about you … but this guy, Christian Bishop drives me absolutely stark raving mad with lust and desire … he is such a hot motherfucker that I couldn’t keep my pecker in my knickers however hard (pun intended!) I might try … Watch Christian jerk off on UK-NAKED-MEN!

Jake Perry Fucked With His Own Baseball Bat

In this new, filthy hot, CLUB-INFERNO-DUNGEON release, the insatiable Jake Perry – who’s just finished a baseball game – gets power-fucked by relentless, brutally horny, Jimmy Durano who first uses a fat dildo … and then Jake‘s own baseball bat to deep-fuck him hard … but it ain’t quite hard enough for ol’ Jake … [...]

Jimmy Durano Deep-Fucking Spencer Fox

Jimmy Durano‘s about to close up the gym for the day when Spencer Fox arrives – late as usual! Before long, he gets the pounding of a lifetime from Jimmy- old insatiable slut! – who deep-fucks Spencer on a bench in the locker-room: This, the latest episode from ALL-STARS, can be watched in full HERE!

Cory Jay And Tibor Wolfe In: Foul-Play

Ever since Cory Jay came out of his early retirement he’s been in big demand. No surprise to me, really. A man as hot as him shouldn’t even be allowed to retire. Ever! In this H O T Club-Inferno-Dungeon release, Tibor Wolfe arrives in the locker room after a rough, long football match and strips [...]

Troy Haydon Pounds The Hot Bubble Butt Of Wrestler Chris Tyler

In this one, Troy Haydon gets so worked up staring at all-star wrestler Chris Tyler‘s perfect bubble butt that he’s got to fuck him right there, in the locker room of their local gym: This scene from ALL STARS can be watched in full using this link!

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