Mr Shane

Tall, handsome and muscular, Mr Shane is a stud anyone would love to get fucked by – especially since it’s his first time fucking another man! ! Today’s lucky man, however, is Markie More: For more on Mr Shane, please click here to enter Next-Door-World!


Ruff-trade ex-military fuxx a twink!

Military muscle Lane goes gay for pay, fucking twinkish lad Carson hard in his tight little butt. He hurts him at first, but with a little direction and a lot more lube, this straight guy pounds a huge load out of that little fukker! HERE‘s a free gallery & trailer of this insanely hot, not-to-be-missed […]

Destro jerks again …

I really didn’t think the bar at Next-Door-Male could be raised even higher! But that’s what super-hot hunk Destro did. Squaring the circle, so to speak, by adding a new layer of beauty, hotness, and perfection to all the stunners already emptying their balls for the crispest, hottest porn-site on the web! To watch Destro’s full solo-video, […]

Masked bad-boy Campo strips and strokes …

Campo‘s full solo video is available on MASKURBATE!

Luke Milan, all alone with his brother in law …

Luke’s wife is out shopping, so when her brother comes over unexpectedly, husband and brother in law are on their own for the very first time. Though it takes some time for the ice to break, they eventually find a way … This latest scorcher of a porn-flick is available in full and completely undistorted […]

The return of Chuck!

Chuck‘s jerked off for Next-Door-Male before. Straight, sexy, and irresistibly handsome, this horny jock is always up for busting a nut – especially if a bunch of admirers are watching and pay him for it, to boot! The Return of Chuck as well as Chuck‘s other videos and image galleries are all available on Next-Door-Male.

Uncut bodybuilder Brad, unmasked!

This smooth and sexy muscle-monster is one of the most popular jerkers on Maskurbate and was voted to cum back to the site, this time unmasked! And here he is: Brad’s full muscle-worship-turned-masturbation session is available in full by going to Maskurbate!

Robert Longwood

Generally speaking, any guy under 30 doesn’t do it for me. I need muscles, manliness, maturity. Period. However – there are exceptions. Robert Longwood is one of them! For Robert Longwood‘s full-length solo-video, please click HERE to enter NEXT-DOOR-MALE.

Strip-pool with straight bodybuilder Chuck!

… feel like playing a game of strip-pool with Chuck …? You know you’ll lose, but trust me – you won’t mind one bit!!! Click HERE for the full version of this absolutely not-to-be-missed video!!!

Cody Cummings cumz … … A G A I N!!!!

… and he certainly looks hotter than ever! Absolutely buff, with a few more wrinkles which, if anything, highlight his oozing masculinity. What’s more, never has any man looked more irresistible wearing red satin pajamas. See for yourself: To watch the full movie, undistorted and in its original size and quality, please click HERE for […]

Calvin, unmasked!

Calvin – the awesome, straight muscle-hunk we’ve admired on Maskurbate in the past as he had his muscles worshipped before getting milked, now has spectacularly agreed to be unmasked! And what a stunning, gorgeous, face he has! We always knew he had the body of a God, but now we know he also has a […]

Sexy office-boy, under the thumb of a bunch of sleazy business women!

The business women who signed up for the course, “How To Train My Husband“, have spent an informative afternoon under Hermione’s expert tuition learning in detail how to control their males by not allowing them any sexual release. They must keep their spunk in for as long as possible, certainly for as long as they, […]

Jordan Roberts

This is an unusually hot as well as super-professional video, even by NEXT-DOOR standards (which, really, couldn’t be higher!).  … so kick back, watch, and yank out your dick: Watch a free trailer of Jordan‘s full solo by clicking HERE.

Neil, donating sperm for his (female) doc!

Having been made to strip, his anus fingered, his testicles groped and his penis yanked – Neil is feeling completely helpless and at the mercy of the forthright women, including his mother-in-law and his fiancee. All this time, he kept hoping the embarrassing ordeal would soon come to an end, but now his sexy-bodied fiancee […]

Alec’s porn audition

24 y/o Alec has a bit of an exhibitionist streak. In this, his first ever public solo, he beats off to straight porn on his i-phone and shoots a thick load while being filmed by the guys from Straight-Fraternity: To watch Alec’s full audition – simply click HERE to enter Straight-Fraternity.

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