Cameron Kincade & Trenton Ducati

… man-slut to end all man-sluts, Trenton Ducati, is at it again …  … this time treating hot, horny, suited daddy, Cameron Kincade to his round, hard, muscle-butt, or rather: to the greedy man-cunt that graces its center! The full, not-to-be-missed, version of this clip is available on MEN-OVER-30!


Landon Conrad & Rylan Knox

Rylan expertly deep-throats daddy Conrad’s girthy cock-shaft before receiving a full facial (… from the same): Intensity, Part 1, Scene 3 is now available in full. All you need to do is visiting Falcon-Studios which you can do HERE.

Hot muscle-daddy Mitch Vaughn fux beautiful David Benjamin

Here cumz one sizzling-hot pairing!!! David Benjamin who, by all intents and purposes, looks like he’s fallen from the Paris runway straight onto the rockhard rod of muscle-daddy Mitch Vaughn, riding his pole like there’s no tomorrow! This exceptionally hot video is also available in full. All you need to do is log on to […]

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