Lance Luciano & Ray Diaz fuck by the pool

Ray and Lance’s glistening bodies exude nothing but pure horniness in the hot sun as they fuck by the pool: California Dreamin-Scene 4 is available in full and in its original ratio HERE.

Underwater-fuck with Adam Wirthmore & Angel Rock

Adam Wirthmore and his fucker, Angel Rock rim, suck and fuck, all beneath the water’s surface: California Dreamin’-Scene 3 is available in full length and in its original ratio on the website of Falcon-Studios.

Jimmy Durano and Ray Diaz in: ROCK STAR!

This clip is worth watching for the sounds Ray Diaz makes alone as he gets first sucked, and then fucked, by the insanely sexy Jimmy Durano: To watch this video wide-screen and in its original ratio, why don’t you go to FALCON-STUDIOS?

Austin Merrick’s Filthy Hot Solo!

It’s been about 6 months since Austin Merrick‘s last solo for Next-Door-Male and I must say – he gets hotter every time! Today, Austin breakdances like a pro and then, strokes his cock like a stud using first, a hugely fat dildo … and then his hands and fingers!!! HOT!!! The ratio of this clip [...]

Paddy O’Brien Fucks Again …

The one question on everyone’s lips these days is – WHERE THE HELL DOES HE TAKE ALL THAT CUM, STAMINA, AND PERENNIAL HORNINESS FROM …??? … I’m of course referring to bi-sexual porn sensation Paddy O’Brien who fucks everything that moves, boys, hunks, studs, bodybuilders, and needless to say – girls!, and does so all [...]


- sexy – cute – handsome – gorgeous – sensuous … the list describing Milo‘s allure and qualities is sheer endless … he truly is amazingly hot, for lack of a better term! First rate jerk-off material, if you ask me: Click HERE for a preview of Milo’s hot solo video!

Fernando Lizalde, Janos Volt

During the Olympics, a scandal hit the press which was only just about prevented by the managers and coaches of Fernando Lizalde and Janos Volt to make the headlines! Well, what happened was this: during a training session by their team, both Fernando and Janos decided to sneak off to … and here it cumz: [...]

Dirk Caber Masturbating

Dirk Caber‘s one of COLT‘s hottest properties and one of the hottest, manliest, porn stars around! Watch him HERE in a real hot and intense solo performance that’ll have you reaching for your own cock: … the full video’s available HERE!

Glen Santoro and Julian Veneziano

Visit JOCKS-STUDIOS to watch the full movie!

Paddy O’Brien Makes His COLT debut!

well, well, well … just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any hotter in COLT‘s latest MINUTE-MAN series – along cumz the stud-to-end-all-stuz, Paddy O’Brien, to make his debut at WET-STROKES, scene 2 in WET-STROKES, scene 2: To watch Paddy shooting his load, please click HERE for the full episode of WET-STROKES, scene 2!

Gian-Luigi Volti

Gian-Luigi Volti … without any doubt, he’s one of the hottest, sexiest men I’ve ever laid eyes on … … and even if he wasn’t exuding sex as he does from his every pore of that muscled, rockhard body … … that cock alone would be worth talking about, staring at in wonder and disbelief, [...]

Bob Hager’s – Long-Awaited – Solo!

Bob Hager‘s one of the hottest men to burst onto the gay porn scene in recent years! With his sexy, ruggedly handsome, face, his perfect, furry body, and his blatant masculinity he’s quite simply unique, to say the least! Hotness personified! Luckily, COLT‘s just released his first solo jerk-off, something I’ve been looking forward to [...]

Brenden Cage And Trenton Ducati In A Mid-Summer-Day’s Dream

This scorching hot new HOT-HOUSE update from Trunks, 7 seems like the perfect movie for a scorching hot summer afternoon … as we watch scorching hot muscle-hunks Trenton Ducati and Brenden Cage basking in the sun and frolicking by the pool before they get carried away by the heat and by the looks of their [...]

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