Fernando Lizalde, Janos Volt

During the Olympics, a scandal hit the press which was only just about prevented by the managers and coaches of Fernando Lizalde and Janos Volt to make the headlines! Well, what happened was this: during a training session by their team, both Fernando and Janos decided to sneak off to … and here it cumz: [...]

Brenden Cage And Trenton Ducati In A Mid-Summer-Day’s Dream

This scorching hot new HOT-HOUSE update from Trunks, 7 seems like the perfect movie for a scorching hot summer afternoon … as we watch scorching hot muscle-hunks Trenton Ducati and Brenden Cage basking in the sun and frolicking by the pool before they get carried away by the heat and by the looks of their [...]

Ross Hurston And Tyler Saint In A Hot Flip-Fuck

In Trunks 5, Scene 2, Ross Hurston and Tyler Saint engage in a hot flip-fuck, poolside: Watch the complete episode of Trunks 5, Scene 2, by clicking HERE!

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