From the COLT VAULT: Long John and Mark Rutter in Handspray & Sweat-Hogs

Just dug up from the COLT vault is this scorching-hot scene that can teach us all a thing or two about ass-eating!!! Anyone into rimming watch out – here cumz the father of all rimming scenes! No kidding! Called Handspray & Sweat-Hogs, this scene is available in its full-length on the COLT website. Otherwise, simply […]


Paul Carrigan gets rimmed, fingered, and pounded!

This is a vintage clip, called Wrestling-Hunks, recently re-released by Male-Digital – and God Bless ‘Em for it! – for this is one amazing video, starring porn sensation Paul Carrigan, one of the sexiest men ever to get fucked by another! It always depends on what one is into … but as far as I’m […]

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