Titan of Porn: Alex Marte

One of the undeniable Titans of Porn of our time: Alex Marte, seen here in a sizzling hot jerk-off solo for BUTCH-DIXON: For the full version of Alex’ solo, please go to BUTCH-DIXON!

Kayden Gray, pissing & jerking outdoors

Having a quick piss as he takes his last drag on his cigarette, we see Kayden’s shaft getting visibly bigger, thicker and juicer … damn hot when dripping with piss! As it’s already out of his sweatpants, he continues his horny thoughts and strokes his ever bigger slab of meat, getting fatter and fuller with [...]

Flex Jaxxx!

Straight muscle-hunk Flex strips, poses, flexes, and then ferociously jaxxx his gorgeous manmeat: To watch Flex-Jaxxx in full – please visit MASKURBATE.


The full j/o/ video of this sexy jock is available on Male-Digital.

Jake Glazer

Jake Glazer‘s in the garage, fixing things using his tool-box, when suddenly is another tool altogether that requires his immediate attention … Jake Glazer‘s full repair session can be watched by going to Next-Door-Male.

Connor Maguire, Ray Diaz & Ryan Rose

Ryan Rose catches Connor Maguire pounding the furry hole of his buddy … … he drops his towel and starts stroking his meat before deciding that there’s a much better place for it – in Ray‘s mouth! Watch PLAYS TOGETHER in its full length and in its original size and ratio by logging on to Falcon-Studios.

Aaron Tex jacks off

On Next-Door-Pass, sexy jock Aaron Tex puts on one hot stroking show, … inviting you to join in the fun: Next-Door-Pass has the full movie!

Sexy jock Bradley busts up nut

Sexy Bradley is quite the exhibitionist … getting harder with every item of clothing he removes … … with his hot body, sexy eyes, cute face and his beautiful, fat, cock – he has me join in the fun right away. Now, here truly goes one solo that’s not to be missed: For a free [...]

Alexandre strips and strokes

… straight masked Alexandre strips and strokes while his muscled work of art of a body is being worshipped … Maskurbate has the full video!

Steven Russel

Straight, trashy jock Steve Russel has shaved his body, head to toe, making his already impressively long cock look even longer … besides showing off that amazing mantool of his, he also puts his manhole on display which, though slightly pimply from all that shaving, is nevertheless delicious to look at as it has a [...]


This awesome, chiselled farmboy cumz to Island-Studs to show off what years of working on a farm have produced: a ripped, well-toned, healthy looking body that looks too delicious for words! Logan has no inhibitions, and quite a lot of pent-up sexual energy, too  - and so it’s absolutely no surprise he has no qualms [...]

Bobby Hart’s Solo

… soaked, lathered and spanking clean, Bobby Hart relaxes in the tub and starts jacking his long, thick – beautiful – dick … … please go to Extra-Big-Dicks to watch Bobby’s long fat schlong in full-length solo action!

Chris Hollander’s Solo!

Chris Hollander might seem an unusual choice to appear on COLT … but make no mistake, behind those innocent eyes and inside that well defined body hides a real pig - if ever there was one! Chris Hollander‘s full solo is available full-length and in its original ratio on the website of COLT.

The one man whose hot solo is NOT – I repeat: N O T!!! – to be missed!!!

Think of all the overused terms and superlatives – awesome, super-hot, amazing, etc. – and then think of a man who not just matches those terms, but actually TOPS them! … gents, I’ll give you RIDDICK STONE, a man so hot – so truly fukking H_O_T!!! – my guess is that quite a few gallons [...]

Hugh Jazz

The NEXT-DOOR-MALE website is brimming with super-hot, horny, mostly straight, manmeat! Their latest addition, Hugh Jazz is a jock … hunk … stud, at any rate: a die-hard exhibitionist, who very clearly can’t wait to get his gear off and show off that bod and rod of his to the best advantage. … … The very best! [...]

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