Masked bad-boy Campo strips and strokes …

Campo‘s full solo video is available on MASKURBATE!


Carrying The Load …

In this hot new scorcher cumming from Male-Digital, the guy in the middle does just that: he carries the load ( … of five guys emptying their loads all over his body!!!) … guys, this one’s really hot, trust me! To see this hot new scene in its full length and in its original ratio, please […]

The return of Chuck!

Chuck‘s jerked off for Next-Door-Male before. Straight, sexy, and irresistibly handsome, this horny jock is always up for busting a nut – especially if a bunch of admirers are watching and pay him for it, to boot! The Return of Chuck as well as Chuck‘s other videos and image galleries are all available on Next-Door-Male.

Robert Longwood

Generally speaking, any guy under 30 doesn’t do it for me. I need muscles, manliness, maturity. Period. However – there are exceptions. Robert Longwood is one of them! For Robert Longwood‘s full-length solo-video, please click HERE to enter NEXT-DOOR-MALE.

Brian Bonds gets fisted!

It took the video below to make me realize that there’s a great deal more to Brian Bonds than meets the eye … in truth, the good boy image is just a front as he’s really a down and dirty pig with a hole just about worn out and wide enough to prove it: … […]

Sexy gay-for-pay jock paired up with porn-sensation Sebastian Young!

To make some much needed extra dough, Warren agrees to do a gay-for-pay flick for Straight-Fraternity and ends up getting paired up with Sebastian Young! To watch this super-hot update in its original size, ratio & length – please click HERE to enter Straight-Fraternity, or click HERE and get some free promotional content!

Calvin, unmasked!

Calvin – the awesome, straight muscle-hunk we’ve admired on Maskurbate in the past as he had his muscles worshipped before getting milked, now has spectacularly agreed to be unmasked! And what a stunning, gorgeous, face he has! We always knew he had the body of a God, but now we know he also has a […]

4 guys in a circle-jerk …

… with the one in the middle getting 3 mouthfuls of hot, juicy, spunk delivered directly into his greedy gob: … and the full version of this movie is available HERE!

Jordan Roberts

This is an unusually hot as well as super-professional video, even by NEXT-DOOR standards (which, really, couldn’t be higher!).  … so kick back, watch, and yank out your dick: Watch a free trailer of Jordan‘s full solo by clicking HERE.

Cameron Johnson

Hot Latin stud Cameron Johnson starts to feel frisky while working on his car – his pride and joy (meaning, that other pride and joy, … the one beside his beautiful dick!) – and slowly strips out of his overall, starts stroking, … and soon shoots his creamy load on the hood of his car! […]

Neil, donating sperm for his (female) doc!

Having been made to strip, his anus fingered, his testicles groped and his penis yanked – Neil is feeling completely helpless and at the mercy of the forthright women, including his mother-in-law and his fiancee. All this time, he kept hoping the embarrassing ordeal would soon come to an end, but now his sexy-bodied fiancee […]

Seth Bond trying H A R D at becoming a perfect bottom …

… by using a collection of butt-plugs, dildos and stretching toys … … and so Seth Bond prepares his hole for the cocks to cum and enter and deflower it … You can watch Seth‘s full bottom-preparation in FULL and in its INITIAL SIZE by logging on to DYLAN-LUCAS!

Bound Jock Shots!

This is a compilation of bound jocks cumming and dumping their sticky loads everywhere! Cum-shooters include Bob Hager, Spencer Reed, and the amazing Nate Karlton, plus many others: For the full, sticky load, just visit Bound Jocks.

Titan of Porn: Alex Marte

One of the undeniable Titans of Porn of our time: Alex Marte, seen here in a sizzling hot jerk-off solo for BUTCH-DIXON: For the full version of Alex’ solo, please go to BUTCH-DIXON!

Kayden Gray, pissing & jerking outdoors

Having a quick piss as he takes his last drag on his cigarette, we see Kayden’s shaft getting visibly bigger, thicker and juicer … damn hot when dripping with piss! As it’s already out of his sweatpants, he continues his horny thoughts and strokes his ever bigger slab of meat, getting fatter and fuller with […]

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